Turn all your used plastic bottles into unique solar powered light fixtures

  • 01.What is SolarBulb?

    iconSolarBulb™ is a solar powered LED lamp that fastens onto conventional beverage containers and lights up automatically in the dark; controlled by a built-in light sensor. Just leave the SolarBulb™ in the sun for 4 hours, and receive 6 full hours of continuous LED lighting. SolarBulb™ has the unique sunflower-like design; its solar panel attached head is adjustable in whichever direction of the sun.

  • 02.Features

    Screw fit onto most plastic water, and soft drink bottles.

    Capture solar power efficiently with unique adjustable head design that allows you to point the solar module directly toward the sun

    Capture 3~4 hours of direct sunlight powers 5 hours of full LED lighting

    Choose your style with multiple LED colors and UV-ABS weather proof casing

    Night lamp or Mood light

    Alternative usages: Porch, Patio or Garden lamps (Guiding guests to your front door)

  • 0.18W Solar module with automatic light sensor

  • High output LED with magnifying lens

  • Adjustable head for different latitude

  • Screw fit onto most bottles Replaceable rechargeable AA battery


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