HYmini Mobile Devices Connectors List

Please see below for mobile phone connectors that are included in the HYmini Basic Package
and their compatible models.


Nokia | Nokia 2 | Motorola | Motorola 2 | Sony Ericsson | LG | Samsung | LG 2 | Samsung 2 |
DC to DC | iPod | Nintendo DSL | PSP



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HYmini Deluxe Package and 08 Holiday Sales sold through Online Shop for US region
HYmini Basic Package distributed by Tango Group, UK
UNiROSS co-branded Bike Package in UK & EU
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Please Note: Some HYmini packages may contain different types of adaptors as specified by distributor contracts. Package content is subject to change without notice.

Nokia Type 1 (Small round)
Item No.: TP_NO01
Mobile Phones

1200/ 1208/ 1650/ 2135/ 2310/ 2630/ 2760/ 2865i/ 3109 Classic/ 3110 Classic/ 3152/ 3155/ 3155i/ 3250/ 3250 Xpress Music/ 3500 Classic/ 5070/ 5200/ 5300 XpressMusic/ 5310 XpressMusic/ 5500 Sport/ 5610 XpressMusic/ 6070/ 6080/ 6085/ 6086/ 6101/ 6102/ 6102i/ 6103/ 6111/ 6120 Classic/ 6121 Classic/ 6125/ 6126/ 6131/ 6131 NFC/ 6133/ 6136/ 6151/ 6152/ 6155/ 6155i/ 6165i/ 6233/ 6233 Music Edition/ 6263/ 6265/ 6265i/ 6267/ 6268/ 6270/ 6275i/ 6280/ 6282/ 6288/ 6290/ 6300/ 6500 Slide/ 6555/ 7360/ 7370/ 7372/ 7373/ 7390/ 7500 Prism/ 770 Internet Tablet/ 8800 Sirocco Edition/ 8800 Sirocco Gold Edition/ E50/ E61/ E61i/ E62/ E65/ E90 Communicator/ N70/ N70 Music Edition/ N71/ N72/ N73/ N73 Music Edition/ N75/ N76/ N77/ N80/ N800 Internet Tablet/ N80ie/ N810 Internet Tablet/ N90/ N91/ N91 8GB/ N91 WCDMA/ N92/ N93/ N93i/ N95

* Not compatible with older Nokia models
Other Devices

BH-100/ BH-200/ BH-201/ BH-202/ BH-206/ BH-207/ BH-208/ BH-300/ BH-301/ BH-301-LT/ BH-302/ BH-303/ BH-500/ BH-501/ BH-600/ BH-700/ BH-700-BK/ BH-700-WH/ BH-701/ BH-800/ BH-800-BK/ BH-800-WH/ BH-801/ BH-900/ HS-26W


Nokia Type 2 (Micro USB)
Item No.: TP_NO02(TP_MT02)

Nokia 1606/ 3606/ 6205/ 6500 Classic/ 7900/ 8600 Luna/ 8800/ N85


Motorola Type 1 (mini USB)
Item No.: TP_MT01

mini-USB adaptor may be used with a variety of devices that are listed below:


ic402/ ic502/ A780/ E770v/ E1070/ L2/ L6/ PEBL/ MOTOKRZR K1/ MOTOKRZR K1m/ MOTORAZR V3r/ MOTORAZR V3t/ MOTORAZR V3xx/ red MOTORAZR V3m/ RAZR V3/ RAZR V3i/ RAZR V3x/MOTORIZR Z3/ SLVR L7c/ V360/ V360v/ SLVR/ V190/ V195/ V197/ V235/ V323/ V323i/ V325/ V325i/ V360/ V360v/ V361/ V365/ W315/ Motofone F3


6210/ 6220/ 6230/ 6280/ 6510/ 7100g/ 7100i/ 7100r/ 7100t/ 7100v/ 7100x/ 7105t/ 7130e/ 7210/ 7230/ 7250/ 7270/ 7280/ 7290/ 7510/ 7520/ 8100 (Pearl)/ 8700c/ 8700f/ 8700g/ 8703e

iriver™ MP3 Player

T10 series/ T30 series/ PMP-100 series/ PMC-100 series/ H300Series/ H140/ H120/ H100/ iGP-100/ iFP-1000 series/ iFP-900 series/ iFP-800series/ iFP-700 series/ iFP-300 series/ N10

Garmin GPS

Forerunner 205/Forerunner 203/Forerunner 301/Edge 205/Edge 305

TomTom GPS
Google Phone

G1 phone

Digital Camera

This connector will work with Digital Cameras that accept charge via their Mini-USB port.


Motorola Type 2 (Micro USB)
Item No.: TP_MT02

Curve 8900/ Pearl Flip 8220/ Storm 9530


AX155/ AX300/ AX830/ Glimmer UX830/ Incite CT810/ KEYBO 9100/ KF300/ LG830 Spyder/ LX400/ Lotus LX600/ Reveal LG600/ Rhythm AX585/ Slyde M540/ Swift AX500/ UX300/ UX585/ VX8560 Chocolate 3/ VX 8610 Decoy/ VX9700 Dare/ Vantage 830/ Wine 280/ enV2 VX9100


AURA/ Adventure V750/ Hint QA30/ Krave ZN4/ MOTO Q9h/ MOTO Qglobal/ RAZR VE20/ RAZR2 V8/ V9/ V9m/ V9x/ ROKR E8 U9/ Rapture VU30/ Renegade V950/ Z6c world edition/ Z9. Zine ZN5/ l576/ l776


Treo Pro


Highnote SPH-M630/ Rant SPH-M540/ SGH-G810/ SPH-M220/ SPH-M320


Katana Eclipse/Eclipse X/ Katana LX/ PRO-200/ PRO-700/ S1


Sony Ericsson
Item No.: TP_SE01

D750i/ J100a/ J100c/ J100i/ J220a/ J220c/ J220i/ J230c/ J230i/ K310a/ K310c/ K310i/ K320i/ K510a/ K510c/ K510i/ K610i/ K610im/ K750c/ K750i/ K758c/ K790a/ K790c/ K790i/ K800i/ M600i/ M608c/ P990i/ V630i/ W300c/ W300i/ W550c/ W550i/ W600c/ W600i/ W700c/ W700i/ W710c/ W710i/ W800i/ W810c/ W810i/ W830i/ W850i/ W900c/ W900i/ W950i/ W958c/ Z520a/ Z520c/ Z520i/ Z525a/ Z525i/ Z530c/ Z530i/ Z550a/ Z550c/ Z550i/ Z558c/ Z558i/ Z610i/ Z710c/ Z710i/ J220i/ K618i/ M600i/ W800c/ W830c


LG Type 1
Item No.: TP_LG01

SCH-A210/ SCH-A310/ SCH-A399/ SCH-A475/ SCH-A505/ SCH-A509/ SCH-A530/ SCH-A539/ SCH-A563/ SCH-A564/ SCH-A570/ SCH-A591/ SCH-A592/ SCH-A595/ SCH-A599/ SCH-A610/ SCH-A650/ SCH-A670/ SCH-A795/ SCH-A809/ SCH-N181/ SCH-N181/ SCH-N182/ SCH-N191/ SCH-N195/ SCH-N288/ SCH-N330/SCH-N370/ SCH-N375/ SCH-U540/ SCH-X199/ SCH-X209/ SCH-X309/ SCH-X319/ SCH-X359/ SGH-A200/ SGH-A288/ SGH-A300/ SGH-A308/ SGH-A400/ SGH-A408/ SGH-A500/ SGH-A561/ SGH-A608/ SGH-A800/ SGH-C100/ SGH-C130/ SGH-C207/ SGH-C225/ SGH-C417/ SGH-D100/ SGH-D307/ SGH-D347/ SGH-D357/ SGH-D407/ SGH-D415/ SGH-D500/ SGH-D600/ SGH-D800/ SGH-E100/ SGH-E105/ SGH-E300/ SGH-E315/ SGH-E316/ SGH-E317/ SGH-E330/ SGH-E330N/ SGH-E350/ SGH-E335/ SGH-E370/ SGH-E400/ SGH-E600/ SGH-E630/ SGH-E635/ SGH-E700/ SGH-E710/ SGH-E715/ SGH-E760/ SGH-E770/ SGH-E800/ SGH-K528/SGH-N200/ SGH-N400/ SGH-N500/ SGH-N620/ SGH-N625/ SGH-N628/ SGH-P107/ SGH-P207/ SGH-P400/ SGH-P408/ SGH-P510/ SGH-P735/ SGH-Q100/ SGHQ200/ SGH-Q208/ SGH-Q300/ SGH-R200/ SGH-R208/ SGH-R210/ SGH-R210S/ SGH-R220/ SGH-R225/ SGH-R225M/ SGH-S100/ SGH-S200/ SGH-S208/ SGH-S300/ SGH-S300M/ SGH-S307/ SGH-S308/ SGH-S500/ SGH-T100/ SGH-T108/ SGH-T200/ SGH-T208/ SGH-T209/ SGH-T309/ SGH-T319/ SGH-T410/ SGH-T400/ SGH-T408/ SGH-T500/ SGH-T609/ SGH-T619/ SGH-T709/ SGH-T719/ SGH-V100/ SGH-V200/ SGH-V205/ SGH-V206/ SGH-X100/ SGH-X105/ SGH-X426/ SGH-X427/ SGH-X427M/ SGH-X450/ SGH-X460/ SGH-X475/ SGH-X480/ SGH-X495/ SGH-X497/ SGH-X507/ SGH-X600/ SGH-X640/ SGH-X660/ SPH-A420/ SPH-A580/ SPH-A640/ SPH-A900/ SPH-M500/ SPH-T100


Samsung Type 1
Item No.: TP_SM01

4010/ 4011/ 4015/ 4020/ 4050/ 7050/ A7110/ B2050/ C1200/ C1300/ C1500/ C2000/ C2200/ C3300/ C3310/ C3320/ CE500/ CG300/ F2250/ F2400/ F7200/ F7250/ F9100/ F9200/ L1100/ L1150/ L1200/ L1400/ L5100/ P7200/ S5200/ U300/ U8110/ U8120/ U8130/ U8138/ U8150/ U8180/ U8290/ U8330/ U8360/ U8380/ U880/ U890


LG Type 2
Item No.: TP_LG02

SPH-M610/ SCH-U420/ SGH-D807/ SGH-D900/ SGH-I607/ SGH-T519/ SGH-T509/ SGH-T809/ SGH-T629/ SGH-D520/ SGH-D800/ SGH-D830/ SGH-D807/ SGH-E250/ SGH-E550/ SGH-780/ SGH-E870/ SGH-E900/ SGH-J600/ SGH-P300/ SGH-T509/ SGH-T809/ SGH-V804/ SGH-X820/ SGH-X830/ SGH-Z150/ SGH-Z400/ SGH-Z510/ SGH-Z540


Samsung Type 2
Item No.: TP_SM02

AX275/ AX8600/ CHOCOLATE/ CHOCOLATE CHERRY/ CHOCOLATE MINT/ CHOCOLATE PINK/ CHOCOLATE WHITE/ CU515/ CU575/ CU720/ U970/ CU915/ CU920/ CU920 Vu-TV/VU EnV/ LG Rumor/ LX150/ LX260/ LX570/ Muziq Black/ Muziq Pink/ TRAX/ UX380/ VX10K/ VX10K VOYAGER/ VX8350/ VX8550 Black/ VX8550Dark Blue/ VX8550 Dark Red/ VX8550 Metallic Black/ VX8600/ VX8700/ VX8800/ VX8800 VENUS/ VX9400/ KG800/ KG810/ KG320/ WAVE/U970


DC to DC Included separately
Item No.: TP_DC01

HYmini miniSOLAR Panel / Other 5V mobile devices


*Not compatible with old Nokia model


iPod & iPhone Included separately
Item No.: TP_AP01

iPod nano 1st generation
iPod nano 2nd generation (aluminum casing)
iPod nano 3rd generation (video)
iPod nano 4th generation (chromatic)
iPod 5th generation (video)
iPod classic
iPod touch
iPhone 1st & 2nd generation
iPhone 3G


Not compatible with following models

iPod shuffle series
iPod mini series
iPod 1~4th generation


Nintendo DS
Item No.: TP_ND01

Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSL


Sony PSP
Item No.: TP_PS01

Sony PSP



1.iPod® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. in the U.S.A. or other countries.
2.Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation in the U.S.A. or other countries.
3.Sony Ericsson is a registered trademark of Sony Ericsson Mobile Com.AB in the U.S.A. or other countries.
4.Samsung is a registered trademark of SAMSUNG Corporation in the U.S.A. or other countries.
5.Motorola is a registered trademark of Motorola, Inc in the U.S.A. or other countries.
6.LG is a registered trademark of LG Electronics in the U.S.A. or other countries.
7.BlackBerry® is a registered trademark of Research In Motion in Canada or other countries.
8.Garmin® is a registered trademark of Garmin Ltd. in the U.S.A. or other countries.
9.iriver is a registered trademark of ReignCom Co., Ltd. in the U.S.A.or other countries.
10.Nintento DS™ is a registered trademark of Nintendo Company,Inc. in the Japan or other countries.
11.PSP™ is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. in the U.S.A.or other countries.


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